Material goods are created from raw resources which are extracted or produced from the earth. Once manufactured, these goods are purchased and used. At the end of their life they are dispositioned for reuse, recycling, composting, incineration or landfilling. Many of these steps result in problematic environmental and social impacts. It’s critical for sustainability that we eliminate unneeded consumption, then manage what we do use so it becomes the feedstock for new things at its end of life instead of becoming a lost resource in the landfill.



Information relating to Material Resources can also be found on these Topic Resource pages:

Material - General


Website with a variety of information
Earth 911student and teacher section

Grassroots Recycling Network

Website with much information
Kids Recycle program, with resources for kids and teachers in K-12 schools

Metro Regional Government (Portland, Oregon metro area)

Metro’s garbage and recycling website

Stuff: The Secret Lives of Everyday Things

Book offered by Sightline Institute

The Story of Stuff Project

Website with great information and videos about sustainability impacts from a number of product areas

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

EPA’s Wastes website
Planet Protectors Club for Kids

Zero Waste Alliance

Website with information and resources

Zero Waste International Alliance

Website with resources

Local Government Websites

Look up your city or county waste and recycling website for local information and resources.


Biocycle, Journal Of Composting & Organics Recycling

American Journal on composting and organics recycling

California Integrated Waste Management Board

Organic Materials Management Website

Worm Woman

Publications, including children’s books, and Information about worm composting


Center for a New American Dream

Organization offers programs to help Americans reduce and shift their consumption to improve quality of life, protect the environment, and promote social justice

Donation & Reuse

SCRAP: School and Community Reuse Action Project

Information and links about projects made from reused materials.


Association of Oregon Recyclers (AOR)

Trade association website with information and resources, annual conference

Training / Listserv

Oregon Master Recycler Programs

Various counties have Master Recycler programs, including:
Jackson County
Lane County
Marion County
Metro Tri-County Area

GreenYes Listserv

GreenYes is a national listserv for information sharing and questions related to resource management